Our story

With consolidated experience in corporate and commercial law drawn from their work in important law firms and multinational corporations in both Italy and abroad, the two attorneys Eduardo Guarente from Naples and Loredana Romolo from Vipiteno have founded the boutique law firm LEGALLAB in 2016.

LEGALLAB is an innovative law firm that offers legal services to both Italian and foreign companies looking to actively pursue and implement growth opportunities, especially internationally. The central European position of the provinces of Trento and Bolzano serves both as a bridge for foreign companies aiming to develop their business in Italy and Southern Europe, and as a springboard for Italian companies expanding abroad. This unique context has galvanized LEGALLAB to offer tailored legal services, inter alia, to the local companies of excellence that have been able to leverage their proximity to different cultures and languages to business development abroad, or for those looking to expand and target distant markets.

Bringing together tradition and innovation, LEGALLAB distinguishes themselves by an open and receptive approach. The team offers both custom tailored solutions, as well as continuous legal counseling services and can unpack and balance complex legal issues. Our services are professional, efficient, pragmatic and multilingual (English, Italian and German).

LEGALLAB collaborates with the New York based FERRANTE LAW FIRM, with whom they have a long-standing business relationship in consulting activities pertinent to Italian and European companies intending to expand their business in the United States or Asia, and to foreign companies interested in the Italian market.